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The place where those who are experiencing infertility can feel supported, informed and nurtured.
With yoga, meditation, and breathwork classes that can be done anywhere, at any time

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Going through fertility treatment or experiencing infertility can be one of the toughest things you will ever do. There may be times where you’ll feel overwhelmed, ill-informed, alone, or just need to focus on you. The Amber Network has been built just for you, by someone who has been where you are. With a directory listing for every service you may need, to interviews with experts and people who have gone through, or are going through fertility treatment, to pulling in global IVF/fertility media content, a calendar to monitor appointments, medicine, and emotions, a community section to meet and chat with other people, and most importantly, a self-care section with meditation, yoga, and breathwork videos, because your mental health in this whole process is the most important thing.

The Amber Network is your place to come to feel informed, nurtured, and connected.

How alternative fertility treatments compliment medical science

Join the Amber Network community to discover the added benefits of Eastern Medicine and alternative therapies.


    Launching The Amber Network has been the dream of our founder, Alice Almeida, since her IVF journey came to an end in 2020.
    Throughout her IVF journey, Alice felt isolated, ill-informed, disconnected, depressed, and very lost. Her mental health took a battering, the strength of her marriage was tested like never before, and doubt and anxiety settled in.
    She kept saying “there needs to be”, or “why isn’t there”, and “I just really need”. This is where the Amber Network steps in. Its everything Alice wanted and needed during her journey, that didn’t exist – and it’s all in one place.

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